Trade your gift cards for bitcoin.

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I'm new to bitcoin, what should I do?

To receive bitcoin, you'll need a wallet. One of the more user-friendly options is Coinbase. After you sign up, click "wallet address" to find your address. 

How do I get paid?

NEW: After your order is processed, go to the balance page. Enter your wallet address to withdraw from your account to wherever you wish!

How quickly will my bitcoin arrive?

Your order should finish processing in 1-2 days, then your funds will be available to withdraw. If you haven’t received payment in over 3 days, please contact us on Twitter or via email. Don’t worry, you’ll get your bitcoin!

What cards can I sell?

We accept Starbucks, Target, and Walmart gift cards. We do not accept iTunes cards.  We also accept other brands from bulk sellers - email us for more information.

What are the rates?

Our rates vary with the market, but right now they are around 60% of the value of Starbucks cards and 75% the value of Target and Walmart cards.

How can I check the gift card balance?

StarbucksTarget, and Walmart have gift card balance checkers on their websites.

Is there a maximum card size?

Unfortunately, we can only accept cards smaller than $200 using the site. If you’d like to sell a larger card, get in touch via email and we can talk.

Is there a minimum card size?

We currently only accept cards worth $5 or more.  You may be able to combine your cards through the retailer if you have smaller cards.

How much can I sell?

Our base selling limits are $100 in Starbucks gift card value and $200 in other gift card value per day. Experienced sellers can email us to increase their limits.

Why can't I sell more cards?

We have seller limits on customer accounts and you might be at your limit. If you would like to increase your limit, please contact support via email.

What about registered cards?

We can’t accept registered cards at this time. If you unregister the card, we might be able to process it.

My card was denied. What happened?

To stem fraud, certain cards can’t be accepted. If you think you’re being unfairly flagged, get in touch on Twitter or via email and we can figure something out.

Which countries are supported?

We only accept USD cards. Currently, we serve the US & Canada, and Canadian cards must originate from the US. Native Canadian card acceptance will be next. For updates on other countries' cards, follow us on Twitter for updates.

Why is a user account required?

We require user accounts because it's the best way for us to help keep track of all the cards you've redeemed and get back to you if there are any issues with your orders.

Why do I need a social media account?

We require social media accounts because it allows us to verify users and calculate a reputation score that determines how much you can trade.

How is reputation computed?

We use multiple information sources to calculate the reputation that determines how much you can trade. We look at social media history, your trading history on Card for Coin, and optional ID verification.