The Holidays are More Than Officially Over: Sell Your Unwanted Gift Cards for Bitcoin

Everyone has them; gift cards to store you never go to from friends and family that you barely know. More often than not, a gift card says “I don’t know what you wanted, and I didn’t want to think about it or find out, but cash seemed tacky.” These cards tend to stack up and collect dust, hidden away for a rainy day that never comes. Not only does this waste space in your house, it also wastes a huge amount of money every year. In fact, one estimate puts the cost of unused gift cards at $41 Billion USD. Thankfully, there is a solution to all of this waste: bitcoin.

Make Gift Cards Work for You

Bitcoin is the answer that you’ve been waiting for when it comes to your unused gift cards. Not only does this turn your gift card into liquid currency you can spend anywhere, but it can also be an investment. Bitcoin reached a value of over $1,000 USD this month, so trading in your gift cards now is very similar to making a currency investment or purchasing precious metals. Investing in bitcoin now is the smart option, as individuals who get in on the ground floor will benefit the most. Your investment can accrue value, resulting in more money than you had in gift cards in the first place. As a result you can leverage unused gift cards into a great vacation, a tasty meal, or even a trip to outer space.

However, you shouldn’t just sell your gift cards anywhere, the savvy move is to make sure you get the best rates on them. doesn’t just give you the best rates on your gift cards, but we also pay you faster with lower fees than other gift card exchange options.

We don’t just take individual gift cards. If you are a bulk seller contact us here for special rates. You’ve worked hard accumulating all of those gift cards, and you deserve to be rewarded for that hard work.

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